We have designed our tool to be easy to use

Our product provides easy access without installation. It can be quickly learned.

Tests clearly showed: it considerably enhances the performance of the interpreter and reduces workload.

The text recognition module automatically improves with new features entering the market.

In the background, we take advantage of all the benefits that CAT tools provide.

Partner search - A Lex Expert Ltd.

A Lex Expert Ltd. is a Budapest-based company which, alongside offering usual routine linguistic services (translation, interpretation, DTP), is specialised in developing IT supported interpreting services, a brand new area in this market segment.

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H2020 SME Instrument

The SME instrument will boost fast company growth and market-creating innovation thanks to staged funding and ramped up business acceleration services.

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Details for partner search

IT supported system for synchronous and consecutive interpretation.

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Détails pour la recherche de partenaire

système d’interprétation simultanée et consécutive assisté par ordinateur.

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As we designed the model using the modern technology in order to improve the human performance, it can be used in numerous and various fields as real time support for consecutive and simultaneous interpreting, training, access for people living with reduced hearing, transcription etc.
— Kata Hajos PhD


Focusing On What Matters Most

It’s special, highly professional use responds to a real demand from the language industry market as it reduces the interpreters stress (by having a real time written text from the oral presentation), reduces interpreters’ reaction time (by highlighting the previously added technical terms), increases the quality of the information transmission (by writing the concise data given in the presentation to interpret).

We have designed our tool to be easy to use, easy to access (next step is web-based application), highly performant (using the latest technology in terms of speech recognition, Cat tool, user interface design etc).

We are ready to enter the market of training the next generation’s interpreters in order to facilitate and support their first steps. We are ready to be present in the interpreter’s life belonging to the current generation with a performant and user-friendly tool. And last but not least, we are ready to be present in the past generation interpreter’s life by helping them to have a new view on this profession they are practicing for a while.



Companies who use our services

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